Fantasy Review: ‘Walk on Earth a Stranger’ by Rae Carson

Over at Booknest I posted a review of ‘Walk on Earth a Stranger’ by Rae Carson, a book I loved.  Young Adult fantasy done absolutely right.

My expectations are NOT too high.  I didn’t think so, but occasionally reading Young Adult fantasy books walk-on-earthI find myself wondering if I expect too much.  After all the books are not being written for me (though I am sure no author would be upset to find their book as the next ‘all ages’ phenomenon).  So if I read the latest YA craze and just don’t get it, or complain about weak world building, or even just don’t like it then I often think to myself ‘maybe my expectations are just too high.’

Nope.  Walk on Earth a Stranger is exactly what I needed to confirm this is not the case.  Like Terry Pratchett and Catherynne Valente’s great series’ Walk on Earth a Stranger proves that good young adult fantasy doesn’t have to be watered down and simplified.  It especially doesn’t have to be patronizing.  It just has to change the point a view a bit to the younger side and then tell the story it needs to tell.

Please head over to Booknest and give it a read! 

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