A Book Haul Post

I never was much for Book Haul posts because in a way they felt like bragging.  But I love to SEE book haul posts because they gave me a better idea of upcoming books.  So perhaps it is time for me to join the fray.  So here it is, one month after I rejoined this blogging world, a book haul post of my very own.

Physical Review Copies

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Fantasy Review: ‘Walk on Earth a Stranger’ by Rae Carson

Over at Booknest I posted a review of ‘Walk on Earth a Stranger’ by Rae Carson, a book I loved.  Young Adult fantasy done absolutely right.

My expectations are NOT too high.  I didn’t think so, but occasionally reading Young Adult fantasy books walk-on-earthI find myself wondering if I expect too much.  After all the books are not being written for me (though I am sure no author would be upset to find their book as the next ‘all ages’ phenomenon).  So if I read the latest YA craze and just don’t get it, or complain about weak world building, or even just don’t like it then I often think to myself ‘maybe my expectations are just too high.’

Nope.  Walk on Earth a Stranger is exactly what I needed to confirm this is not the case.  Like Terry Pratchett and Catherynne Valente’s great series’ Walk on Earth a Stranger proves that good young adult fantasy doesn’t have to be watered down and simplified.  It especially doesn’t have to be patronizing.  It just has to change the point a view a bit to the younger side and then tell the story it needs to tell.

Please head over to Booknest and give it a read! 

Review: ‘A Darker Shade of Magic’ by V.E. Schwab

Over at Booknest.eu I posted a new review of ‘A Darker Shade of Magic’ by V.E. Schwab, a book everyone has already read it seems.

Two unlikable characters.  Stupid, completely avoidable mistakes.  I would be hard pressed to think of darker-shade-of-magicanother book where this combination would work but A Darker Shade of Magic pulls it off and is therefore a rare book that lives up to its reputation.

It works because Schwab deliberately built her story around two characters who have to live down their own mistakes.  And because in the process she built a London (and a London, and a London, and yet another London) that is impossible to look away from.  Oh, and also because she put two of the best villains on page into the mix to stir the plot and do their best to cause general havoc and mayhem.  All of it adds up to a damn entertaining read.

Please head over and give it a read!

Review: ‘The Bear and the Nightingale’ by Katherine Arden

bear-and-nightingaleOver at Booknest.eu I posted my review of The Bear and the Nightingale, a very strong debut by Katherine Arden

“A new take on an old tale…  Scratch that.   A new take on a lot of old tales.  Cold winters are a fertile ground for stories to be told around the fire.  And even as the people in Pyotr’s village practice Christianity they still take heed of the old stories.  It is into this life that young Vasha is born; her birth the dying wish of her enigmatic mother.  She grows up on the stories and has no need to believe in them because she can see the truth on her own.  Vasha is a wild girl, beloved by her family but never quite understood. “

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Review: ‘Den of Wolves’ by Juliet Marillier

22567184Over at Booknest.eu I posted a review of ‘Den of Wolves,’ third book of the popular Blackthorn and Grim series.

Typically the third book of a trilogy forever sets the tone for how readers will remember the entire series. The first book, say Dreamer’s Pool, is what is responsible for sparking interest in the over reaching plot and (hopefully) major players in the coming story. In many cases this may be a readers introduction to the author as well; life long love may follow from a suitable impressive start. Dreamer’s Pool was indeed a book like this, a beautifully crafted fairy tale that introduced many to Juliet Marillier. Most importantly it introduced readers to Blackthorn and Grim, a duo sure to entertain for books to come….

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Arising from the Ashes

I am reviewing again, though this won’t be the place to read them.  Most of my reviews are currently being seen at Booknest.eu.  I also contribute to The Speculative Herald.  Both are wonderful sites and I hope any old readers who find me add both to their feed immediately.  When I have a new review I will cross post it here so people wanting to find all my stuff in one place can.  Please visit the sites and comments are always both welcome and helpful to rebuilding my ‘brand’ on these sites. Continue reading