The Complete Discworld Re-read

Back in November of 2012 I had just started this new blog and already had a reread itch.  I have been reading Pratchett books over and over since discovering him in high school, how could I stop?  So I decided to do something different, if not entirely novel.  I would reread the entire series, in order, for as long as it takes.

It was a fluid process.  I at first thought I would do a review and running recap; that proved to be too much work and frankly there are a million sites where one can find the first appearance of Susan or Binky.  So eventually I just shed it all off and did reviews.  Some books nearly stopped the entire project (looking at you Hogfather).  But in the end it was killed right along side the blog it was hosted on.  One of my bigger regrets, and one I plan on fixing.  As of now the project is back up and going.  Please enjoy.

Below is the archive of what I have read thus far.  Expect me to continue as time allows.

The Color of Magic – 3 Stars

The Light Fantastic 4 Stars

Equal Rites – 4 Stars

Mort – 4 Stars

Sourcery – 3 Stars

Wyrd Sisters5 Stars

Pyramids– 4 Stars

Guards! Guards!4 Stars

Eric4 Stars

Moving Pictures3 Stars

Reaper Man3 Stars

Witches Abroad – 4 Stars

Small Gods – 5 stars

Lords and Ladies – 4 Stars

Men at Arms – 4 Stars

Soul Music – 2 Stars

Interesting Times – 4 Stars

Maskerade – 4 Stars

Feet of Clay – 5 Stars

Hogfather – 3 Stars

Halfway There- The Reading Experience Thus Far

Jingo – 4 Stars

The Last Continent – 3 Stars

Carpe Jugulum – 4 Stars

The Fifth Elephant – 4 Stars

The Truth – 4 Stars

Thief of Time – 4 Stars

The Last Hero

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

Night Watch

The Wee Free Men

Monstrous Regiment

A Hat Full Of Sky

Going Postal



Making Money

Unseen Academicals

I Shall Wear Midnight


Raising Steam

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