A Book Haul Post

Hello June!  Where the hell did you come from?  Did you know that of all the months on my schedule you are the one that had every book I wanted to read come at once?  It is true!  So… thanks for that.

I made almost no requests yet my reading list has once again grown dramatically.  Here is what has made it my way this month.

Physical Review Copies

The Bones of the Earth by Rachel Dunne – Hey, anyone know this series?  This is the second book, should I chase down the first?  Or better yet, do I need to read the first?  I could use some help figuring out this surprise arrival.

Tyrant’s Throne by Sebastien de Castell – This is a series I am on firmer ground with.  I enjoyed the first two books quite a bit so of course I will move right in…to…this… forth?…book.  Damn, nope, behind.  No worries, I do have the third book around so I just have to catch up.

Digital Review Copies

The Waking Land by Callie Bates –  I got sucked in by the cover.  I have no idea what this book is about.  I may wait for a few reviews to hit first.

The Radium Girls by Kate Moore – I saw a review for this one on Avalinah’s Books and now I want to read it.  Sometimes simple explanations are the best ones.

An Oath of Dogs by Wendy N Wagner – Corperatepunk by the looks of it.  I have read a few great books that dealt with fantasy or sci-fi companies with too much power.  It usually works out in my favor.  I have high hopes.

The Ghost Line – Another Tor.com novella and these have typically worked out in my favor.  I actually had quite a few show up recently but this one immediately stuck out and I want to dig through the rest of the catalog.

The Cityborn by Edward Willett –  I am having second thoughts about this one.  It is another one I jumped at because of the cover.  But rereading the blurb I am thinking it may be a dystopia and that usually doesn’t go well for me.  Another one I will wait on reviews for.

Digital Copies Bought

I have read it of course, but never in Spanish.  I recently completed the Spanish tree of Duolingo and it has prepped me pretty well for reading.  I am about a quarter in.  Yes, this will be my first novel read in another language; I am very excited.

What do y’all think?  Good haul?  What are you looking forward to reading?  What should I read from it first?  What should be my next step in learning Spanish?  These are all questions I want answered.

40 thoughts on “A Book Haul Post

  1. I’m impressed by how well the first three digital covers go together (green!). I’m so excited about An Oath of Dogs, and I don’t ever read non fiction but I have heard good things about The Radium Girls.


  2. I am discovering that Tor.Com has some very interesting novellas! I have Traitor’s Blade here, gifted by a friend. I have yet to make time for it. Not sure why, because I see nothing but praise. Happy reading 🙂


  3. Good luck on reading in Spanish! I haven’t tried that with a novel in years, and I remember it involved a lot of trips to the dictionary. As far as next steps, maybe daily newspaper reading in Spanish to keep it fresh and growing, and find people to practice speaking with?


  4. Oooh! Some pretty titles. 🙂 I’m just about halfway through the Traitor’s Blade and am liking it so far. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the series-ender.


  5. Wish I could give you a firm answer on The Bones of the Earth, though I’m *pretty* sure it can’t be read as a standalone since it is part of an overarching trilogy. I received the first book for review but didn’t get a chance to read it, which I’m really regretting now because I’ve heard it is very good.


    • I was on the fence for The Waking Land but I just snagged an audiofile of it so I guess I will be ‘reading’ it soon enough. Thanks for visiting!


  6. Oh yay! You got The Radium Girls! I also really wanted The Ghost Line, but got disapproved. Meh!
    Great haul 🙂 hope you enjoy! And cool that you’re reading a Spanish novel 🙂 I once studied Spanish on my own too. I once had this hobby where I’d learn loads on languages, ended up learning like 5 or 6. Now I don’t have the time though, but languages can be so much fun 🙂


    • Wait, NetGalley doesn’t approve books sometimes? This is something I had not considered.

      I am fascinated by languages and if I ever won the lotto I would enroll back in college just to study them. Yet I never found the time to learn a second one. Until I finally decided time wasn’t going to make itself and just started working on it everyday.


      • Do you mean to say you get approved for all the books you request xD I get denied for most because I’m out of region… or maybe they just don’t like me 😀


  7. I took a couple of years of Spanish, but it has all pretty much faded. Over the last year or so I’ve looked into different books/courses from the library, but they have all been awful. This is the first I’m hearing of Duolingo so THANK YOU for that. I’m going to try to make my way through it. My grandpa used to watch Spanish soap operas to help improve his Spanish. I look forward to hearing how your experience goes with Animal Farm.


    • I plan on writing a post on my experience with Duolingo. Ya know, if I ever find the time. I plan on watching Destinos soon, which is a made for Spanish learners soap. I am about 15% into Animal Farm thus far. My kindle has a translator, so that helps, but I am certainly getting the gist of most paragraphs even without it.


      • I don’t know if it works in the app on my phone or tablet. On the paperwhite I didn’t have to do anything to make it work.


  8. This looks like a seriously good haul… ! I hope you enjoy all of those titles!

    I’ve been doing some languages in Duolingo as well.. it’s actually a pretty darned good app! Learning Spanish and German myself on Duolingo… but I need to apply more discipline… the busier I get at work, the less I visit the app 😦 But good for you for finishing the tree and for taking on a task at reading a book in Spanish… that will be a great challenge!


  9. Very impressed with your reading in Spanish.
    Bones of the Earth -I have read the first but I’m not sure if this can be read without the benefit of the first, I’m inclined to think not.
    I do like the look of the Waking Land too.
    Great haul.
    Lynn 😀


  10. I’m not familiar with the books personally so I can’t offer advice on what to read first I’m afraid! An oath of dogs is a nice cover so I’d go with that! Whatever you choose, enjoy!


  11. June is a sneaky bastard.

    Very nice haul! I can’t really shed too much light on any of them but I agree the cover of The Waking Land – it’s so cool but the story is less clear.

    I think your next step with Spanish is a trip to Costa Rica;0). That’s very cool that you are learning a new language and reading a foreign language book.


  12. Lol! I’m interested in reading The Waking Land because of its cover too.
    And I really want to try that de Castell series. Everyone seems to love it.


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