Tough Traveling- Beginnings


22 thoughts on “Tough Traveling- Beginnings

  1. The Generation V series is one of the best UF series I’ve read to date – and it saddens me no end that there will be no more books, at least in the near future…
    On the other hand, there is a big, Pratchett-sized hole in my reading “career”, and one I need to fill one of these days, because every time I see the Discworld mentioned I know I need to start reading, and learn what it’s all about 🙂

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  2. I love this meme – it’s the best out there and I think now we’ve all had a little rest from it we can once again take part feeling renewed and with some fresh ideas.
    I don’t think I ever properly thanked you for creating Tough Travel – so here it is now! I loved taking part every week, such a lot of great bloggers and a great environment to take part in because it felt so friendly, welcoming and we all interacted so well together. Thanks for creating it.
    And now I’m over with the gushing – I love that you included Generation V and it’s a great nudge for me to read the final book. Where did you get up to – did you read the last book yet?
    Lynn 😀

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    • Yup, Tough Travels was pretty much single-handedly responsible for introducing me to you guys. I might not even be blogging any more if not for TT and everyone’s positivity! ❤


    • I liked it because it was so fantasy specific; no drive by comments from people who never once look at the blog. It also took some thought to do; one couldn’t copy and post a picture and move on. Always made it interesting to read through.


      • Travelling through everyone’s Tough Travels was a highlight! I’m glad we’re doing it again and happy that you’ve joined in 🙂


  3. I’m so excited! Thank you for trusting me enough to pass on the torch. ❤

    Assassins next month… but don't worry about rules. If anyone's allowed to break them, it's you!


    • Assassins should be a bit easier to handle but as of this moment I am not impressed. BUT, glad to here I have a whole month to think about it. Can a man get a reminder at the end of the month?

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  4. I loved The Color of Magic sooooo much. Such a great introduction for a series. I also love this meme and am glad to see it revived. I didn’t always participate because I realized I hadn’t really read enough to contribute to the topics. But reading everyone else’s selections always gives me ideas on books!


    • I don’t know if I knew you were a Discworld fan. I am happy to here this. I was always glad when you could drop by. I promise, putting these lists together were always tough; sometimes I would stare at Goodreads for hours trying to think of ANYTHING to write.


  5. /me raises hand as one of the few who started with The Colour of Magic.

    It wasn’t a particularly informed choice, as this was back in the days before we invented Information. I was probably 7 at the time, fresh from reading The Lord of the Rings, and there were only four or five SF&F series in my very small local independent bookshop, and I bought the first book of three of them and went from there; one of them was TCOM. It’s a pretty funny book when you’re 7, although I think some of the more recondite allusions may have gone a smidgen over my head…


    • I found him in College. Read a review in a ‘newspaper’ for Thief of Time and was working in the mall at the time. Grabbed Color of Magic on lunch break. I read them in order for the first four books then went by the ‘whatever book the little shop had in shop’ method.


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