Tough Traveling – New Beginnings


Each Thursday, inspired by ‘The Tough Guide to Fantasyland’ we have in hand, we shall tour the mystical countryside looking for adventure and fun (and tropes) from all over fantasy.

This week’s topic is NEW BEGINNINGS

A new leaf, a new life, a complete change of pace for a character in Fantasyland is how most stories start.  Bad people get a second chance, farm kids leave the farm, or a soldier gets a new post.  From there adventure awaits!

It would probably be cheating to just suggest every book ever for this topic and be done with it.  So I will give it a touch of thought.

MaiaThe Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison- One minute you are nothing more than the forgotten offspring of very distant Emperor, more embarrassment for your family than anything.  The next minute you ARE the emperor and you learn that the transition for new beginnings is not always a smooth one.

Winter IhernglassThe Thousand Names by Django Wexler- How does an orphan with very little prospects make a new start?  The same way people have for thousands of years.  She joins the military and fights people she doesn’t know across the ocean.  Of course she has to hide her gender to have this opportunity (to, you know, die for her country).  But sometimes that is the only way.

CarrotDiscworld by Terry Pratchett- If you are a dwarf who keeps hitting your head on the mine’s roof then it is probably time to move on.  For Carrot the obvious choice is the big city seeing as he was orphaned under mysterious circumstances and was born human.  With a strange birthmark and a sword that never seems to lose its edge.

RavenorRavenor by Dan Abnett- Ravenor was once one of the most promising members of the Inquisition.  Strong, intelligent, and unstoppable.  Until he was stopped and left with a completely broken body.  His mental prowess is second to none though, locked in a metal chair he gets a second chance and continues to fight heresy throughout the universe.

SmokeThe Dread Hammer by Linda Nagata – Ruthless assassin who falls in love.  Doesn’t love always lead to a new beginning?

Join us next week as we look at FORBIDDEN LOVE

Even in Fantasyland parents are not always happy with their children’s choice of partners.

If you have a topic you want to see us cover, or if you have an entry for next week’s post but don’t have your own blog to put it on, please head over to the main Tough Traveling page and fill out the form at the bottom.  For a list of upcoming topics just keep heading back to this post.

As always thanks for joining, feel free to join along at any time, and please check out my fellow travelers!

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