Sci-Fi Review: ‘Home’ by Nnedi Okorafor

I wish I could give Home, second in the Binti series a more in depth review. Sadly, despite enjoying it, I find myself completely lacking of anything to say. I think I know why, reviewing this series is like reviewing a TV drama series. Perhaps if I read the entire series in one go once completely, as many reviewers of television do once an entire series is complete, this would be easier.

Binti was a debut episode. It was kind of rushed, introduced too many characters that won’t matter, but had the pieces to hook a new reader. In it Binti saved the world, stopping a war by use of a Chekhov’s device that allows her to communicate with the militant jellyfish who slaughtered her ship. In the end she is going to school, with one of the aliens in tow as new best friend. The reader is not given much in explanation or resolution; it is expected that future episodes will fill in the details. Continue reading

Sci-Fi Review: ‘Binti’ by Nnedi Okorafor

Another review over at Booknest (which after some technical issues appears to be up again).  This time for Binti, a nice little novella by Nnedi Okorafor.

Simple but worth reading.  Binti was perhaps not everything I hoped for but as the start of a serial story it is a great 25667918start.

Binti is a novella about Binti, mathematical genius and first of her Himbi village to be accepted to a prestigious off-world university.  This is a big step in more than one way; the Himbi people do not leave their isolated village.  This not being an old colonial fantasy it must be noted that the Himbi are not backward, nor primitive, and are in fact quite technologically apt and Binti was training to join her families technology business.  But the Himbi do keep their own ways and said ways are seen as strange when Binti journeys afar.

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