Sci-Fi Review: ‘The Stars are Legion’ by Kameron Hurley

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Living world ships move through space; if there is any destination the people on the ships don’t know it nor any history of another way.  Sadly for these women the worlds are dying as entropy finally seems to be beating out their long living systems.  Rival factions war for resources; recycling what they find in an effort to extend the life of their own piece of the sky.  Zan wakes among one of these factions and slowly learns she has an ambitious plan for a rebirth of kinds.  Problem is an almost complete memory loss gives her no idea what the plan is.

The way Hurley uses such a short page length to build multiple worlds and still have space for a story should be taught in school.  No spare time is spent on wasted details yet characters’ travels and conversions tell the reader everything that is needed to be known and more.  This dying earth space opera checks all the right boxes.  It is unique and alien.  Dark, occasionally gross, and full of mystery.  Strong imagery lets you see experience what Zan and her collected group of outcasts are experiencing.   The world ships are a thing of wonder; but also horror as the curtain is pulled back to see exactly what it takes to keep them living for so long. Continue reading