Q & A: Lara Elena Donnelly talks Amberlough

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Earlier this week I raved about Amberlough, the amazing debut from Lara Elena Donnelly.  I was not even halfway through the book before I realized I absolutely had to ask the author for a chance to do a Q & A session.  Graciously she agreed!  No further ado needed; I present to you you good readers… Lara Elena Donnelly.

First of all. Thank you for agreeing to do a quick Q&A. I loved Amberlough and wasn’t even halfway through it before I was contacting your publicist to ask for this opportunity.

LD: Thanks so much for saying so! I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

This was both a political and character driven book. Which came first; Amberlough City or the characters who live in it?

LD: Aristide Makricosta came first, fully formed and standing alone in a desolate mountain pass. And then I had to figure out who he was and where he’d come from. So Amberlough city was born. I figured only a place that crooked and glamorous could produce someone like Ari, and that he’d only ever leave it for the mountains if it was well and truly doomed. Continue reading


Fantasy Review: ‘Amberlough’ by Lara Elena Donnelly

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Both timely and timeless. Wonderful yet heartbreaking. Completely fucking awesome. Oh, and debut of the year.

A nationalist fervor has empowered the One State Party though they still lack the votes to control Amberlough City. Cyril DePaul once enjoyed the spy game but is now a man who doesn’t quite want to admit he may be broken. Called back into field work he is sent to investigate the One State Party (better known as Ospies) and quickly finds himself way over his head. Soon enough he must make some tough decisions as the ‘game’ puts everything (and everyone) he cares about in danger. Continue reading