Top Ten Tuesday – Reading Wishlist

This top 10 weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and can be found HERE.  Each week they focus on lists which cover various topics related to books and reading.

I have never participated in one of these but I guess there is a first for everything and I liked the topic for the week.  Plus, I can’t really post any of my reviews that are written because they are too far from release dates.  So…

Living Gods (American Gods, The Godless, The Hundred Thoustand Kingdoms) – Anyone who knows me knows I love them. I love The Godless (Children, #1)deities with unfathomable power roaming the landscape and screwing with the mortals below them. I love it when there is something in a book that can be a true force of change. An aspect that can not just move the pieces around the game board but completely change what game is being played. Yes I love living gods, perhaps almost as much as I like…

Dead Gods (City of Stairs, The Grim Company, Three Parts Dead) – These can be even better than living gods for stories! They may provide wells of power for mortals to use, or a power vacuum for someone else to assend to. Hell, perhaps they will come back to life and then I get the best of all worlds. There is no end of possibilites when it comes to books with dead gods.

Couples That Are Together From Start to End ( Vorkosigan)- Yes, the CTATFSE stories seem to be hard to come by. I don’t always want to read about someone pining over their one true love all the time. I certainly don’t want to read about someone reluctantly leaving their spouse. Why can’t we see couple who are already happily married then stay that way and go off on glorious adventures together? Perhaps this is just the result of ten years of marriage rubbing off on my reading tastes.

Fortune's Pawn (Paradox #1)Space Marines (Fortune’s Pawn, Starship Troopers, Warhammer 40k) – I LOVE SPACE MARINES. I love people in super powered armor blowing the hell out of threats, big and small. If said Space Marines fall to the inevitable force of chaos, so much the better.

Dragons (Dealing with Dragons, Men at Arms, Moth and Spark)So what if they are in every other fantasy book already. I will always accept more of them. I like them intelligent, beastly, small and prone to explosions, majestic and hoarding gold. I even like it when the Princess decides to stay with them instead of going off with the Prince.

Diversity of any kind (Anything outside of a readers normal reads)– If you know me you know this one goes without saying. I want more diversity in my characters and from my authors. This isn’t a PC thing, this is common sense. The more points of view there are to choose from the more good books I am going to read.

Parrots (Was there one in Treasure Island?)Why the hell not? My parrot is looking at me and I was having a hard time getting this list to ten. So, give me a good book with a parrot in it. Please.

Platonic Friendships (There has to be at least one…) – My longest running friendship is with a woman I met 15 years ago. Why is it that seeing a man andPaladin of Souls (Chalion, #2) woman on page together automatically means they will either be hooking up or having at least one of the party make the attempt? Let us get some friendships that have absolutely no romantic sub-tense to them.

Middle Aged Protagonists (Paladin of Souls, ???)– And not ones that have superhuman strength still. I want people who may be past their prime but are mentally as sharp as ever. Paladin of Souls is one of the best books I have ever read so I KNOW this can be done.

Inevitable Falls to Chaos (When the Heaven’s Fall, Ravenor) – I love a slow downward spiral with no chance of redemption. Or power that starts corrupting and doesn’t stop. And, occasionally, a hoard of cultists attacking space marines… All these wishes can be intertwined in one large book for all I care.

33 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Reading Wishlist

  1. You get a lot of couples that are already together in my apocalypse genre and I like that because we concentrate on their story without love angst which is great! Yes to platonic relationships-too many books out there have this obsession with every man and woman having to end up together if they are friends. It doesn’t always work like that inreality and I’d like to see more of it. Older heroes are something I enjoy…grandparents on exciting adventures with kids etc!


    • I have not read as much apocalypse fiction but that is interesting to know. And I feel that there are older heroes around, but often they are still un reasonably badass–It works in Discworld because it is more parody, but doesn’t always make since in more serious fantasy.


  2. Parrots! I agree, lots of elements here I love as well. The Scroll of Years is also a great example of a married couple who stay together through the series. And Kings of the Wyld is full of middle agers (you read that, right?)


    • Forgot about Scroll of Years, that is a good one! And yes I read Kings of the Wyld, and at least at the end the married couple stayed together on that one.


  3. I’ve had enough of certain tropes (like gods, living or dead…I think I’m good on them for a while) but others I can always use more of, like dragons and of course space marines. And hell yes to parrots. I’d love to see a UF protag with pet parrot some day, rather than the usual dog or (more common) cat.


  4. Good call on mentioning the Vorkosigans as a great example of a happily married couple that still manages to have adventures and enjoy life to the hilt. Cordelia and Aral also fit your requirement for middle-aged main characters: who says that heroes must necessarily be young and athletic? 🙂


    • The whole series is full of ‘unconventional’ protagonists isn’t it? Middle aged married couple, man with a disability, man who is very obese. I love that series so much.


  5. Great list – made me have a giggle.
    And why aren’t there more parrots?? I’m going to have to have a seriously good think about whether I’ve even read a book with a parrot in it – ever!
    Lynn 😀


  6. I think I agree with every single item here.

    I nearly had platonic friendships as one of mine; they’re really rare in fiction despite being incredibly common in the real world.

    And I am all about slow falls and corruption. Authors seem shy about playing it out to the bitter end, but that’s the best part.


  7. Platonic friendships were on my list as well! I would love love love to see more of them in books. I think it’s completely ridiculous that there is still such a stigma about platonic friendships.

    Cool list! my TTT


  8. Yes to Diversity! I don’t know why this is so hard. My life is full of diversity. My husband is black, my friends are Mexican, Korean, White.. you name it. Why can’t books be more like this. I know a lot of people didn’t like the direction Marvel went in their last issues but I like that they tried. Thor is a woman, Spiderman is a young black kid, Ms. Marvel is Muslim. Maybe it will open more doors.


  9. Wow, seriously amazing list. CTATFSE all the way! lol

    Also, middle aged narrators is a thing that should DEFINITELY happen in SFF. I know you’re not a huge Sanderson fan, but his Alloy Era series (Alloy of Law is the first) is the only terrific series I can recall off the top with a great middle aged narrator.

    OK and one more! Space marines = awesome! I’m just starting to read Elizabeth Moon and her understanding of the military in general comes across so well…she’s amazing 😀


  10. Lol! That parrot one cracked me up!
    I’d like to read more fantasy with middle-aged protagonists as well. It was so refreshing when I read Curse of Chalion earlier this year. I plan to read Paladin of Souls sometime this summer.
    And yes to CTATFSE.


  11. Yeah for Dragons! Dealing with Dragons is a lovely story and Men at Arms is great as well. I like to read about many different presentations of dragons. Make them mean and dangerous, wise & loyal, make them talk, make them be silent.. make them throw fireballs & laser beams and work awesome magic…

    Also agree on Gods, living or dead! The Malazan Book of the Fallen is one of my favourite series and there are gods galore. Dead, undead, alive, you get everything 😀 I also liked American Gods and the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms was very unique!

    And Friendship, yes! For some reason lots of authors think books NEED to have a romance, even if it doesn’t fit into the story at all.. I am a fan of deep friendships.. Like in Robin Hobb’s books or Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastards.


  12. If you haven’t heard of them already, may I point you towards Rachel Aaron’s Heartstriker series? It’s set a little in the future when magic’s returned to the world, and follows the shenanigans ‘nice dragon’ Julius gets into when he’s exiled from his family – in this verse all dragons can take human form, and Julius’ clan are descended from Quetzalcoatl, so, they’re all brown-skinned. Book one is nice but book two is fantastic and I loved the third book too. Apparently the next book will be the last one – can’t remember the last time I heard of a four-book series… But yes. Definitely recommending them if you like dragons in your books! 😀


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