A Book Haul Post

A new month, a new book haul.  Take a look at what I will be reading!

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Physical Review Copies


I didn’t request too many this month as most of what I was looking for had digital options.  So only one in this pile.

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames – As you can see, a review has already gone up.  I loved it.  If anything, I didn’t rate it high enough.

Digital Review Copies

holver-alley hunger falconer binti-home baking-powder

The Holver Alley Crew by Marshall Ryan Maresca – I didn’t realize this was part of a series when I requested it but it appears it can be read on its own.  I should start it this week.

Hunger Makes the Wolf by Alex Wells – Not sure what it is about this book that called to me but I simply had to have it!  I am reading it now, kinda different but I think I like it.  Corporationpunk, I’m coining the term now.

The Falconer by Elizabeth May – So this is a very popular YA series that I missed when it came out.  And then never got too.  But in preperation for book three I jumped on the chance to read book 1.  Thinks don’t always go smoothly around here but eventually they happen.

Binti: Home by Nnedi Okorafor – Second in the serial series.  Review should be up within a week.  More alien jellyfish…

Baking Powder Wars by Linda Civitello – One of these things are not like the other….  Rarely do I press the read now button on NetGalley for non fantasy, but this looks so damn cool.  I love marketing and the history of such.

Audio Review Copies


Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza –  So… Here is the problem.  I requested this and am so glad to get it.  But I assumed EVERYONE listened to audiobooks from a phone or mp3 playing device.  A audiobook on CD’s was not expected; I have no CD player in my car.  Guess I will read this the old way; in words.


What should I be reading friends?  What do you wish you were reading?  Do people really listen to CD’s anymore?  All these questions and more are what I need answers to!

21 thoughts on “A Book Haul Post

  1. All of those look pretty good to me! I’m curious about Hunger Makes the Wolf. “Corporationpunk,” hm…As for audio cds, I work in a rural library and a lot of people here still use audio cds, no matter how many times I tell them “Digital doesn’t scratch!” Haha. And no late fees, plus no shipping time…it’s just all around the best option. Anyway, I hope you enjoy everything in your haul 🙂


    • Thank you thank you. I know it is probably not all grins and giggles but I always wanted to work at a library. I made it to final interview at our (also rural) one about eight years ago but no luck.

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      • Aw, yeah, it’s very difficult to get in! I had to volunteer for a while before an opening finally came up. But it’s basically a dream job! The fines can get on people’s nerves, but library patrons are usually good sorts of people 🙂


  2. I’ve been trying not to request much lately, at least until I get caught up, but sometimes you just have to snag what’s out there. I did request Soul of the World by David Mealing, and immediately clicked the ‘Wish’ button on The Legion of Flame by Anthony Ryan.


    • I am almost done with The Waking Fire myself and i now can’t wait for Legion of Flame. WOnder if that ‘Wish’ button does a damn thing.


  3. Interesting, I usually get digital downloads for my audiobook review copies, it’s rare these days that I receive actual CDs. I don’t own a CD player either so when that happens I just rip them to my drive and transfer to my phone.


      • iTunes is actually quite handy for that! If chapters are in multiple parts on a CD, extract them all as a single file using the link feature. This way, each CD is one “part” and you end up with as many files as CDs and not hundreds of chapter files to name and transfer. It’s not ideal and the whole process is a bit of a pain, taking about 15-30 minutes depending in the length of your audiobook, but it’s better than not being able to use the CDs at all.


  4. I don’t have time to listen to cds…too busy reading to do much else at the moment. I don’t buy or listen to audiobooks either (too expensive)-the only ones I own are audio cds of Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry, which are brilliant. Other than ereaders I don’t use technology much…don’t even bother with a mobile phone!


    • I drive quite a bit and got real tired of the radio. My library has a pretty good digital audiobook collection; I have never bought one either due to price. I listen to about 10 hours of books while driving a week; finishing short books in a week.


  5. Yeah, I’ve still not broken into the world of talking books – I just think my mind would wander. Like you, I’m massively cutting down on review books at the moment. I’m pretty pleased how I’ve narrowed it down for the next few months – I’m just aiming for those that I really love the sound of and all the rest are going to be my own TBR for the next few months – some serious catching up is needed.
    Lynn 😀


    • I couldn’t just sit and listen to one. I can listen while driving, and also while doing household chores.
      Oh, and I know that no matter how few I request I will always remain behind; especially if I keep getting distracted by Pratchett books.


  6. The Holver Alley Crew was a lot of fun. Also, I don’t read a ton of YA, but I loved The Falconer. My only complaint is that I listened to the audiobook, and loved it so much I dont want to switch formats and they dont have the next books on audiobook. At least not yet.


  7. My library still has audio CDs, but when I’m looking for a book at the library I’m careful to make sure it’s digital before I place a hold. I do have a CD player on my computer, but really don’t want to use it to listen to a book. I listen to audiobooks when I make cards to send to friends and family and sometimes when I cook.

    I read The Falconer when it came out, but didn’t love it so I haven’t continued the series. I’ll have to take a look at Hunger Makes the Wolf. I like the cover at least! Hope you enjoy your books, Nathan.


    • I always enjoy my books. I have a similar problem when requesting audiobooks; they are all on overdrive right next to the ebooks. There are ways to filter but I sometimes forget.


  8. I really enjoy listening to audiobooks while driving, and although I do prefer mp3 cds, I don’t mind having physical cds to switch out. It’s almost like turning the page in terms of knowing what you have left. Kristine Hvam is the narrator for this one, right? She is one of my two favorite narrators currently! The other being Rebecca Soler. Since you don’t normally do physical audiobooks, what will you do with this one when you’re finished with it?


    • Not a narrator I have listened to thus far. Good to know she is good. I am going to try to rip this to mp3’s tonight; the CD’s most likely will go to the library donation pile when done.


  9. So I just realized for some reason I wasn’t “following” your blog anymore (damn WordPress!) which is why I haven’t been commenting. My bad! I’ll catch up, don’t worry. Anyway, I’ve heard good things about The Holver Alley Crew, must look into that author! I’m still trying to finish Kings of the Wyld, got distracted for a bit but I’ll get back to it soon.


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