Arising from the Ashes

I am reviewing again, though this won’t be the place to read them.  Most of my reviews are currently being seen at  I also contribute to The Speculative Herald.  Both are wonderful sites and I hope any old readers who find me add both to their feed immediately.  When I have a new review I will cross post it here so people wanting to find all my stuff in one place can.  Please visit the sites and comments are always both welcome and helpful to rebuilding my ‘brand’ on these sites.

So what happened to Fantasy Review Barn?  The answer to this one is simple.  I got a new job.  It was a good thing for me, getting me out of a bad but steady job and into one I actually enjoy.  There was only one downside to this job; the blog suffered and suffered bad.  I couldn’t keep up, reviews got further behind and I couldn’t even find the time to read.  Down time at the old job was spent reading and occasionally drafting reviews; there is no such down time at my current job.

It was causing me stress I didn’t need to so I shuttered it all.  I contacted the publishers I had been working with and let them know I was done reviewing.  I ignored the site (and those pesky notices to renew the domain) and spent my free time for the year playing more video games, watching more TV, and reading without a thought of reviewing.

But damn it, I like to write.  And I like to review.  And I miss the community and quite frankly TV bores me more often than not.  Plus I am now in the swing of things at the new job and have a bit of reading time (and due to driving time audiobooks are in play).  So here I am, back to the old ways.

Things are a bit different this time around though.  I am done chasing new releases; I never want this to be stressful again.  I also no longer promise to review every book I read.  If a review isn’t coming to me I won’t force it; some of my old archive makes me cry a bit when I see quality under my standards.  I don’t want this to happen again.

I joined as my primary site for a couple of reasons but one was they are OK with my schedule being a bit slower.  I know I will put out reviews in bursts.  Booknest is also willing to host my old reviews from Fantasy Review Barn.  This was important to me because I stupidly didn’t renew the hosting and the site is forever gone to me.

Of course I already had a relationship with The Speculative Herald as one of its original members.  Lisa has been very kind and I plan on sending a review over there monthly to the best of my ability.

So there it is, finally.  An explanation for my absence.  I have been back for less than a month but the response has been great already.  Thank you old friends.  And welcome new ones!

6 thoughts on “Arising from the Ashes

  1. I’d found you on your new site already. I’m glad you’re back to reviewing – you have your very own style and I missed it. Plus I have such fond memories of Tough Travelling. At the end of the day though, getting a new job is a whole new stress on it’s own, even if you love it, and you have to make it work so it takes priority. Reading is something that you set aside every now and again and then pick right back up where you left off.
    Lynn 😀

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  2. I completely understand, but nice to have you back. I’m kind of in the same spot you were a year ago, with things in the office (and on the freelance front) putting incredible pressures on me, and the stress of buying/selling a home adding to that. I’ve decided that I am quite content with a reduced output for a while, and am allowing myself time to read what I want, when I want, and the freedom to try some different review styles.


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