U.S./Canada Giveaway: ‘Robot Universe’ by Ana Matronic

I have a treat for everyone today.  Ana Matronic is best know as the co-lead singer of Scissor Sisters, a wonderful band that my wife and I love to sing along with.  She also is apparently a robot enthusiast and has taken her life long love to the obvious next step; writing a book about them!  Robot Universe is a non-fiction book that looks at all things robots, from the ancient past to the far future.  Thanks to the good folk at Sterling I have a beautiful hardcover copy to giveaway to one lucky reader.

I don’t even have to hype this, the promotional material is awesome on its own, check it out!

image002Explore the Robot Universeand discover the hundred most epic androids and automatons from myth, through popular culture, to modern-day machines. Robot aficionado Ana Matronic—vocalist with world-famous band Scissor Sisters—explores their creation, design, purpose, and how they have comforted, fascinated, or terrified us across the ages and galaxies, profiling key sidekicks, servants, saviors, murder machines, cyborgs, and others in every genre. In-depth features cover special focus topics, such as robots in art and fashion, video games and comics, and music. This richly illustrated collection deftly shows how we have defined and redefined robots, why they capture our imagination, and why they’re here to stay, ending with a look at real-life robots from early prototypes to what lies in our robotic future.

image004About the author:

Ana Matronic is a musician, performer, radio presenter, DJ, and visual artist best known as the female lead of the internationally acclaimed band Scissor Sisters. A lifetime of loving robots inspired her stage name as well as the bionic circuitry tattoo on her right arm. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, Seth Kirby, and her cat, Izzy.


I am looking forward to diving in and I assume you are too.  Just fire up the rafflecopter below and good luck to each participant.

This Contest ended 10/25/15 – Thanks to all participants.

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