International Giveaway: ‘The Ritual’ by Erica Dakin

The Ritual (Theft and Sorcery, #1)Author Erica Dakin is one of Fantasy Review Barn’s oldest friends.  I assume she found us when Pauline first reviewed The Ritual but however she ended up here I am thrilled she stuck around (pushing me to keep the Discworld reread going the whole time).

With the third book of the series out she has kindly offered to put a copy of the first in the series up for grabs to our readers.  Even better, a rare international giveaway.  She only asks that you be 18 or older to enter (a little bit of, well, explicit sex may be within the pages).

She describes the book as a romance with fantasy elements and a bit of adventure…what am I doing?  Here is the blurb.

For Chiarin, a young half-elf thief, life is all about survival. Her race means that she is considered an outcast and disposable, and every day could bring her death.

Then she meets fellow thief Zashter, a master of their chosen trade. Against Chiarin’s expectations he agrees to take her on as his pupil, and draws her into a dangerous adventure gathering powerful magical items at the behest of his sinister employer. What purpose these items will serve Chiarin does not know, but it soon becomes apparent that Zashter should not be trusted.

Yet she cannot deny the mutual attraction growing between them, and she becomes entangled so deeply that there is no going back. Soon she must face the biggest choice of her life, a choice Zashter no longer has…

Good luck to all that enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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