Tough Travels – The Weasel


Each Thursday, inspired by ‘The Tough Guide to Fantasyland’ we have in hand, we shall tour the mystical countryside looking for adventure and fun (and tropes) from all over fantasy.

This week we look at THE WEASEL

Weasels are usually very useful, obtaining information from unlikely sources and the like. For that matter they may be fun to be around. But can they ever really be trusted? Usually about as far as they can be thrown, but one never knows.

I start this week with a call, nay, a plea. I need more topics! As most of you noticed with strip mined the Tough Guide months ago, there is not much left. I have had an ongoing call for topics down at the bottem but I am trying to make this more organized. I need topics that will take us through the end of the year. I am hoping to have a master list posted by the end of the month; so you no longer have to sway in the wind on my whims for the next week (and maybe can plan ahead a bit more). So if you have a topic we have not covered by all means tell it to me. By email, contact form, twitter, or stuffing a note in my jacket pocket (be prepared to tell me how you found me if you take that option though).

Nobbs Discworld– Cecil Wormsborough St. John Nobbs, probably 34, and the only one in Anhk-Morpork who carries a card to prove he his human. Not a bad bloke to have a beer with, full of hidden intelligence that he mostly uses let his partner in the Watch make a fool out of himself with, and completely and utterly untrustable.

Nobby doesn’t consider it stealing unless it is nailed down (and if it can be pried loose then it doesn’t really count as nailed down). As quartermaster he had the army’s weapons leased out approximately one hundred percent of the time. Generals used him as a weather vane, he had a unique ability to know what side is winning and suddenly be on it. But he is a nice guy deep down, after all he always spend time after the battle ministering the dead. The fact that he ended up slightly richer in the process can be forgiven.

Traitor's Blade (Greatcoats, #1)Braski Traitor’s Blade by Sebastien de Castell – ‘Shut up Braski.’ Perhaps the most repeated phrase in the series thus far. Womanizing, a late addition to the Greatcoats, and following today’s theme, totally untrustable. Doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want him and his bow at your back in a fight. No one is more deadly in the land and his role will be very important throughout this tale.

So don’t trust him with your valuables, nor your sister. But if it is your life on the line… things are probably OK. As long as you are not wearing full plate.

Hort The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani – “He looked like a sinister little weasel.” This is the first line used to describe Hort. In this scene he is floating in muck and asking the pretty blonde next to him if he can touch her hair. She, on the other hand, is thinking about hitting him with a dead goat.

Following the theme thus far Hort is not really that bad. Of course he is a villain, and despite his weak and weasely demeanor has a hidden side that makes him a bit formidable. But I don’t think it is much of a spoiler to say that no one is what they seem in a series that is about people being split into schools that are either evil or good. (Hogwarts housing arrangements but with a little more honesty).  And speaking of Hogwarts…

Peter Pettigrew – Harry Potter – Wormtail. Scabbers (oops, was that a spoiler?) – Flashman (The Flashman Papers, #1)Honestly the guy went by Wormtail and yet the Potter’s trusted him with their precious child. That is just.. I mean… BAD! BAD LILY AND JAMES.

Sir Harry Paget Flashman The Flashman Papers by George MacDonald Fraser- Who remembers the bully from Tom Brown’s School Days? Apparently people in Britain might, but I know nothing about it. I do know a bit about Flashman though from his later journeys. And the man is pure, horrible, rotten to the core, weasel. We are talking Grinch here, whom I wouldn’t touch with a ten and a half foot pole.

The kicker? Right place, right time, Flashman walks away from each and every situation with his legend grown just a bit more. He is seen as a hero. His face turns red when scared so even in his moments of pure cowardness people think he is getting fighting mad. And when the dust clears…well he is still standing right?

Join us next week as we look at DEAD GODS

Fantasyland had gods, right?  And now they are dead.  Dead Gods are not forgotten though, often they are still just influential to the land as they were when living.

If you have a topic you want to see us cover, or if you have an entry for next week’s post but don’t have your own blog to put it on, please head over to the main Tough Traveling page and fill out the form at the bottom.

As always thanks for joining, feel free to join along at any time, and please check out my fellow travelers!

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