U.S. Giveaway – ‘Blood’s Pride’ and ‘Fortune’s Blight’ by Evie Manieri

Fortune's Blight (Shattered Kingdoms, #2)The good folks at Tor want you to have the chance to catch up on the Shattered Kingdoms series by Evie Manieri .  Three lucky winners will get a copy of the recently released Fortune’s Blight.  But because they are feeling extra generous each copy will be packaged with a copy of the first book in the series, Blood’s Pride, as well.  Two books in one package?  Tell me what could be better.

To enter just head to the bottom of the page and enter on the rafflecopter form.  It is easy!

Here is what press sheet has to say..


Praise for Evie Manieri

 “Manieri’s BLOOD’S PRIDE, the first book in the new Shattered Kingdoms series, is the perfect mix of romance, family ties, betrayals and agonizing dilemmas…The world created by Manieri is one of love, treachery and intrigue that will keep the audience hanging on until the very last page.”

RT Book Reviews

 “The setting is what sells me on this book:  quasi-Medieval Mediterranean region. Just as with Indian fantasy, I think this subgenre is a really ignored one, and it’s fantastic that Evie Manieri is going to be exploring it in this novel.”

io9.com Most Anticipated Releases for 2013

“This hefty fantasy, first in a series from debut author Manieri, presents the tangled dynamics of two cultures at war with each other and within themselves….Plot twists, romantic entanglements, and political rivalries make for lots of melodrama.”

Publishers Weekly

A strong new voice in fantasy fiction, Evie Manieri continues on with the second installment in the SHATTERED KINGDOMS series, following Blood’s Pride. FORTUNE’S BLIGHT (A Tor Hardcover; On Sale Today!), is an epic fantasy featuring culture clash and family betrayal in the backdrop of a rich, fully realized world with a dark edge.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: EVIE MANIERI has a degree in Medieval History and Theatre from Wesleyan University. This is her second novel. She lives with her daughter in New York City.   
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