A Link Stampede

I can Link you up…show you what you want to see and link you where you want to be.

-Sad Puppies!  Are you tired of your fantasy and sci-fi awards being based on talent, entertainment, or the very act of being good?  Would you rather the nominees be picked purely on political philosophy?  You are in luck!  This year author Brad R Torgersen led the charge for the third year of stacking the field so Larry Correia ‘unrepresented voices’ are involved in ballot stuffing campaigns represented.  Here is your list so you have no need to think on your own!

But it is the blog posts that really make me smile.  Torgersen thinks the problem with speculative fiction is that it dares to do anything different what so ever.  For the love of god it should just be a vast scale of Tolkien rewrites so I know what I am getting without reading it!  (Not a bad idea if it saves me from reading another Correia book actually).

Author Sarah Hoyt wonders if someone will PLEASE think of the children!  Because children should only be reading, or only want to read, action adventures it appears.  The real gem comes right about…here.

As for the Hugos…. brother, I stopped buying the books about ten years ago, when I realized I’d stopped reading them five years before.  I even tried to read one, and it reminded me of the thing a colleague of mine says it’s a bad idea to write “The working class got up, was exploited and went back to bed.”  Only in this case it was the Transgender lesbian pagan handicapped woman woke up, was vicitimized(sic) and went back to bed.  Over and over and over again.


Finally, Larry Correia wants your help putting together a hit list making a list for a totally real interview that is coming up with a completely real news outlet.  Did a social justice warrior call you out on your shit insult you for no reason?  He wants to know.

Grimdark! –  Who the hell knows what it means.  I am a person who certainly reads a good share of books that probably fit the label.  I know some use it as an insult, some as a term of endearment. And it sure has come up a lot recently.

Pornokitsch gave a pretty good definition in a post about The Goblin Emperor (and has said since that it is already being revised).

nerds of a feather, flock together puts together a roundtable called After Grimdark.  It causes controversy.  Mark Lawrence gathers a great list of authors to respond.  And nerds of a feather, flock together sets up a second discussion that not only revises the original questions but also addresses the definition from Pornokitsch.  This is good stuff.

The good stuff– reddit fantasy gets some heat, including from myself occasionally.  But it is populated with some great people who find some real gems.  This week’s post of interest comes from Mark Bould’s blog and is called African Science Fiction 101.  Well worth a read.  Be even better if I read a few of them.

(Update: There was a interview!   Of course it is with Breitbart, so the ‘news outlet’ aspect is still missing).

(Update #2A response! Quite a lengthy reply to a 500 word post the author says she didn’t even read.  Not sure a two bit blogger like myself is worth it, but thanks!)

(Update #3: Author Dave Creek – I’m declaring that I’m not a “Sad Puppy.” – This is a couple days old, but relevant).



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