Comic Review: ‘Suicide Squad #1’ by Adam Glass

Holy fan service Batman!Suicide Squad #1

Suicide Squad is not my normal comic book choice. For one thing it looks like what I always envisioned comics to look like before I found some I liked; loud, bloody, and full of ridiculous outfits. I also hate most super heroes not named Batman and this one is set in the universe but doesn’t have Batman.

But two things drew me to it. The first is the casting news announced made me aware that there will be a movie and lord knows I have a deep desire to see popular things and understand why they are popular. But mostly I grabbed this because Harley Quinn. Look, I have no idea what combination of my love of strong women and my irrational fear of clowns is causing this but I fucking love Harley Quinn. As I stated in a blog comment recently I am sure a good shrink could help me figure this strange fascination out but unless that shrink is Harley Quinn I ain’t going.

Sadly this is not a comic I will be shouting the praises of. It is a fast paced ride, I will give it that. Villains coerced to undertake the seediest of missions for the good guys by small bombs in their neck is an interesting idea. And Harley is the perfect blend of almost too competent for the level of crazy she shows; just how I like here. So all that is good.

But the fast pace comes by stacking one event after another with no downtime to determine if the events actually make a lick of since. The characters are thin as thin can be; perhaps I am supposed to know them all already or something but I couldn’t give you so much as a sentence summery of most of them. And the fan service. Oh man the fan service. My love of Harley Quinn is strong (you can ask my wife) but this one borders on ridiculous with the clothing choices (or lack thereof).

I will keep an eye on the movie but consider this a one and done reading experience for me.


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