Guest Barney Award 2014- Child’s Play and Children in Combat

Today we welcome H. Anthe Davis, author and long time friend to the blog.
H. Anthe Davis enjoys stories about assassins, necromancers, volcanoes and other explosive things — and also writes them!  She is two books into her series, The War of Memory Cycle, and intends to have the third one out soon.  Soon.

The Barney for Child’s Play

Imagine AgentsWelcome back to another action-packed installment of our seasonal awards ceremony!  Today we bring you a dangerous double-header of comic book adventure, graphic novel villainy, manga-level spectacle, and babies!

Our first bout is in the Best Use of Imaginary Friends category!

In the BOOM! Studios corner, weighing in at 97 pages, is Imagine Agents!  Every child has an imaginary friend called a ‘figment’, but what happens to those figments when their child grows up?  Some turn bitter, seeking a reason for their abandonment; others become depressed or unruly, requiring the Imagine Agents to keep them in line.  But some still want to help…

Our nominee is the pink jelly-ball buddy Blounder!  Even after his human child forgets him, he willingly risks jelly-life and jelly-limb to aid her — and all of humanity — against a powerful rogue figment bent on merging the figments with their children to overwrite them and become real!

Meanwhile, in the … other BOOM! Studios corner, weighing in at 160 pages, is Six-Gun Six-Gun GorillaGorilla!  In space, no one can hear you scream…unless there’s a live camera pointed at you!  Humans have tried for decades to tame and colonize the lawless planet of Blister, but its current state of civil war has provided an unexpected dividend in the form of reality TV: real conflict, real death, all filmed by condemned criminals sent into this unruly otherworld!  Until one of the condemned happens to film military secrets…

Our nominee is the titular Six-Gun Gorilla!  Appearing from the desert to rescue our hapless protagonist, he must be the product of a dying man’s fevered imagination — but if so, why can all the viewers see him on camera?

The Verdict:

In a rock-’em-sock-’em fight, it could go either way: jelly against bullets, expansion against muscular strength.

But we’re just human here.  When does a six-gun toting gorilla win?  Any time it wants.

On to our second bout!  This time, it’s the….

Best Use of a Child In Combat!

Saga, Volume 1 (Saga #1-6)In the new series corner, weighing in at 448 pages and counting, is Saga!  Star-crossed — and species-crossed — lovers Marko and Alana are on the run from both their warring peoples for daring to have a mixed-blood child.  Assassins hound them across the universe at the behest of galactic robot overlords…but some of those assassins have agendas of their own.
While baby Hazel sometimes narrates and may well play a part in future conflicts, at the moment she’s just a bundle of joy.  Our nominee instead is six-year-old Sophie, formerly known as Slave Girl, who knows how to use a knife.
Meanwhile, in the new-to-me corner, weighing in at oh my god I’m not even going to add those up, is Lone Wolf and Cub!  A Tokugawa-era former executioner, Ogami Itto has turned assassin-for-hire, and takes with him on all his assignments his young son, Daigoro!  After all, a wolf cub is still a wolf…
Our nominee is Daigoro!  Offered a choice between a child’s ball and a sword, he reached out for the shining blade…  What bloody destiny lies ahead?
The Verdict:
While Sophie and Daigoro spend most of the time as pawns of their respective assassin father-figures, they can both step out violently when pressed.  However, the hat-tip goes to Daigoro for peeing off a cliff onto an enemy samurai as a fight-starting taunt.  Who doesn’t want to do that sometimes?

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