Introducing the 2014 Barney Awards

barneys2013The time has come again for the most irrelevant awards in the blogosphere, The Barneys!  Over the next couple of days you will get completely unasked for, completely unappreciated, coveted by absolutely no one awards in which Pauline and I go through the books we read and highlight a few that stand out.  Rather than the typical best of list we prefer to do it our own way.  Expect silliness.  (Feel free to take the time to look through last year’s awards as well).

You may laugh, you most certainly will cry (especially if you read my posts and care a lick about grammar), you will stay for the popcorn (bring your own popcorn).  If all goes right, you will have fun.  And if you watch real carefully you will see people unfollow this blog at a record pace.

This year we are doing things a little different, sharing the blame if you will.  It won’t just be Pauline and I handing out awards no one wants because I have invited a few friends to hand out their choices.  Hopefully this turns into an annual event bigger than Smugglivus, and not just because then I could have my entire December content taken care of by others while sipping on this fine Pale Ale I have discovered.

So sit back, have fun, and winners can expect their award in four to six nevers.

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