Tough Travels – Drugs


Each Thursday, our copy of ‘The Tough Guide to Fantasyland’ in hand, we shall tour the mystical countryside looking for adventure and fun (and tropes) from all over fantasy.

This week’s topic is DRUGS

DRUGS- Driver of all the underground economies. At times glorified, at times responsible for all the world’s evil, but just as common in Fantasyland as our own. A big thanks to Tammy for the suggestion as this is not from the Tough Guide.

I finished this list, finding it a bit easier than expected but definitely bit smaller than it some week’s lists. Sill I am happy with it. Yet when my wife asks what the topic and I tell her the first response is ‘do potions count?’

Ya, that would have made this infinitely easier, wouldn’t it? Oh well.

Dwa Thraxas by Martin Scott – Nothing fancy here. Just a highly addictive drug that ruins life and cost a fortune. It is new to the city of Turai but making its mark in a big way. As would be expected it is also upped the ‘need’ for organized crime; groups like the Society of Friends are doing just fine.

If there is any upside to this plague on the city its arrival has made it so smoking the much less addictive thazis is hardly noticed anymore.   Despite the fact it is still illegal. Which is good because Thraxas is known to partake every so often. (Though he would prefer a bit a beer in most cases).

Ravenor: The OmnibusLookRavenor by Dan Abnett- The most original drug I could think of. When a person ‘takes a look’ it is no euphemism for something else done in private it is latterly taking a look at these little pieces of glass sold planetside. But looking at these one-time use shards is just as addictive as anything smoked, ingested, or jammed into a vein. And the consequences seem to be even worse; death is only one option and mutation isn’t much better.

Ravenor and his inquisition team start tracking this drug and realize the truth. It is formed in Chaos. Which in Warhammer verse is a bad, bad thing. Selling this stuff is therefore heresy. Under the rule of the Golden Emperor there really isn’t right or wrong; the biggest concern is heresy.

Blood Discworld by Terry Pratchett – Vampires need human blood. It is like, rule numero uno for vampires right? But do they really? Is the all the lady in a night gown, strait for the throat (carpe jugulum) stuff really necessary? Or is the power that they really crave? There is a group looking to find out.

According to League of Temperance blood is nothing more than a drug to be beat. And for a group heavily outnumbered in Anhk-Morpork beating it may be essential for species survival. Black Ribboners promise not to participate in drinking the B-word, and often discuss their success over tea and biscuits. Apparently with a pretty good degree of success.

DreamshitPerdido Street Station by China Mieville- It lets you see each other’s’ dreams, man. Gives you a telepathic link and all that.

Controlled by Gang lord Motley this was yet another drug to hit the streets and take it by storm. It’s appearance is a mystery and no one really knows what they are intaking (but if a fix is needed who really looks at the package ingredients?). But a few hints can be given. The people who guard the production rooms have their heads on backwards and only look through mirrors. If too strong it completely hollows out a person’s mind. And this small Boneshaker (The Clockwork Century, #1)Technicolor caterpillar like creature sure seems to like it.

SapBoneshaker by Cherie Priest – Something happened in Seattle and not it is a walled no fly zone.  With a civil war stretching out twenty years too long it is a forgotten land in the far west to many.  But somewhere inside it people are pumping out the highly addictive sap.

This yellow drug causes all the usually problems and ruins lives.  But it also has a little something extra nasty.  Maybe it won’t just be lives that are ruined by this particular drug.


Join us next week as we look at TRAVELLING FOLK

TRAVELLING FOLK are quite common.  They are of two kinds: Land travellers and River travellers.

These people are merry, colourfully dressed, dishonest, and knowledgeable…they will cheat you, cure your wounds, and hustle you off to the cart of their oldest lady who will tell you something about the future you need to know.

If you have a topic you want to see us cover, or if you have an entry for next week’s post but don’t have your own blog to put it on, please head over to the main Tough Traveling page and fill out the form at the bottom.

As always thanks for joining, feel free to join along at any time, and please check out my fellow travelers!


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