Comic Review: ‘Rat Queens, Vol. 1: Sass & Sorcery’

Rat Queens, Vol. 1: Sass & SorceryAn all female mercenary company gets sent into a trap and almost die to a nasty troll. They must get to the bottom of a conspiracy that threatens their town in their own way; finding joy where it can be found, drinking whenever possible, and kicking ass better than anyone around.

If more comics were like this one I would read more comics. Or maybe more comics are like this one I should be reading more comics. Either way Rat Queens is certainly a comic I will be wanting to read more of. The classic fantasy setup made it a perfect fit for someone who typically isn’t a comic reader.

It reminds me of the webcomics I used to try to keep up with before life got in the way only…better. Obviously better polished in art and editing than the amateur efforts of love those represented.   But over all just a strong collection that both mocks and works within the fantasy feel. Not quite pure parody, though plenty is present, as it also sets up a longer term story arc. At its best when the characters’ wit was on display; this is one awesome collection of badass women. Lucky for me there was almost never a time where one of the characters wasn’t cracking me up, so it was at its best often.

There is simplicity to comics that novels can’t match; a plot with an awful lot of complexity is showing up in a relatively short span. Romantic relationships, family dynamics and a whole lot of action were put on display crisply due to a wonderful mix of art and conversation; what I loved was this felt like a single work rather than art haphazardly added to a writer’s musings.

If you are wondering if you should read Rat Queens ask yourself a few questions. Would I like a diverse cast of awesome women kicking ass? Do I find humor in dark situations and gallows style joking? Have I ever wondered what a female troll looks like? If a fantasy dwarf shaves off her beard would I find her attractive? If you are thinking yes to any of these questions (or just wondering what the hell is with the dwarf beard thing) then get right on it.

The last time a comic was must read for me was Sandman and that was ten years ago. I promise as long as Rat Queens keeps up this pace I will be eying the collections’ release dates.


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