Rebuilding the Blog: My Plugin List

The blog breaking sucked but I won’t let it affect me again. One of the biggest issues was that even though I backed up all the content I never bothered tracking all my setup. Everything, up to and including the damn theme, required me digging though my memory and The Wayback Machine’s saved page. Never again.

Thus as a service to myself I will hide all this important information in a post. And if anyone is interested in seeing what it takes to set up a low key blog such as my own then they can take a look. I am a man of simple tastes but who knows, maybe you need one of these plugins for your own blog. And if there is something you see or question then don’t be afraid to ask; almost everything on this blog was borrowed and begged from someone.

Weaver II – The only theme I could imagine using. Granted I like a sparse set up; as you can see there is very little fluff on the blog. But Weaver is the only free theme that gave me the ability to change every visual aspect of my blog and it is pretty easy to use. Recommended for any do it yourselfer.

Jetpack – There may be things that do everything it does better than it does but Jetpack just makes it all too easy. With Jetpack my posts are automatically posted facebook/tumbler/twitter. It tracks stats. It allows people to subscribe by e-mail. It gives me access to those handy share buttons on the bottom, as well as the old ‘like’ button that I decided to drop this time around. It has options I have never even touched.

Better Delete Revision – Every time you make a change to a post (which I do A LOT) another instance of that post is saved. Just sitting there, eating up space and slowing down the blog. You don’t want this. One little plug in takes out all the old instances while leaving the current version alone.

Collapsing Archives – Found this one thanks to My Shelf Confessions. The only thing about blogger I missed was the way posts were stored in the side bar; the style WordPress uses just doesn’t work for me (it starts to stretch for miles on older blogs). Not sure if anyone else likes digging through old posts so it may not matter, but I think it looks nicer.

CommentLuv – Look, blogging is a community thing. Comments are the best part of many blogger’s day; we all love getting them. This plugin is one of the reasons I wanted to convert to WordPress in the first place. It gives us even more changes to check on other bloggers, meet new friends, and find content I would have never looked for without seeing the posts.

No Self Pings – I got real tired of getting an email every time I linked something within my own damn blog. This just makes it so there is no ‘ping’ on a post that references another post within the blog. Simple but awesome.

-nRelate – There are a lot of ‘related posts’ type plugins but I have stuck with this one for quite some time. Pageviews went up almost immediately after picking it because it actually searches for posts that relate a variety of ways. Slower to act than some plugins for sure. But pick an old post and you will see three posts below it that actually make sense in relation to said post.

So far that is all I have. I know I am missing one or two old plugins but so far I am not sure I miss them. Still, open for suggestions if anyone else has any must have plug ins.


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