Tough Travels- Curses


Each Thursday, our copy of ‘The Tough Guide to Fantasyland’ in hand, we shall tour the mystical countryside looking for adventure and fun (and tropes) from all over fantasy.

This week’s topic is CURSES

CURSES are long-standing ill-wishings which, in Fantasyland, often manifest as semi-sentient. They have to be broken or dispelled.

Sorry for the abbreviated list this week but fixing the blog took priority. But I still came up with a few, so that counts for something. Right?

The Curse of ChalionLois McMaster Bujold – It has curse in the title, I had to include it. The Curse of Chalion (Chalion, #1)A curse on the whole royal family that the protagonist eventually works to undo. I think I have mentioned both Bujold and this book on the blog a time or two. Have you noticed?

Granny WeatherwaxTerry Pratchett – Hey, I didn’t put a Pratchett book on the list last week! Are you not impressed? Of course that means I am obligated by law to mention one this week. Granny is a witch and witches lay down curses, that is the way things go. Of course Granny finds it easier to just let people know they are cursed in general; they can then let their mind wander and decide which of their daily misfortunes were caused by Granny. No magic needed!

Unless magic is needed of course…

Curse of the Wolf Girl (Kalix MacRinnalch, #2)Curse of the Wolf GirlMartin Millar –Ha! Maybe I should have just googled the word ‘curse’ and started typing in whatever came up. This is a unique example because the cursed subject is actually in a comic within the book. Are things getting just a bit too meta up in here? Then let us take it a step further. Kalix and her family are werewolves which are typically seen as a curse in horror literature but are just a way of life here. So while Kalix feels cursed by her ‘condition’ she is not, in fact, cursed.

Boom. Mind blown.

Snow, Glass, ApplesNeil Gaiman – Ok I am cheating here. Really this is Snow White, the most BORING of fairy tales that Disney ever put to film. But for some reason it makes for great adaptions. A quick web search will find this one for yall if you want to read it. Won’t take you anytime at all. You won’t be disappointed because it is very, very good. And there is a curse. And a twist.

Join us next week as we look at DARK LADIES

DARK LADY. There is never one of these – so see DARK LORD instead.

Um, I think our host missed a few chances with this one. I know we can find some evil women just as bend on control and destruction as their fellow dark lords. Let’s do this!

As always thanks for joining, feel free to join along at any time, and please check out my fellow travelers!

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