Update – I broke my blog but we are fixing it.

It appears that blogloving is now working again.  This is for all intents and purposes a functioning blog again.

A recap; I moved hosting and broke the blog in the process.  As you can see it is looking better, closer to where it was before.  I am still having a couple of issues but I think this can be worked out.  Here is where I stand.

-Graphics- none of my media moved.  not a huge deal but it does mean my Tough Traveling banner is showing on no old posts.  We will call this ‘the least of my worries.’

-Sadly none of the Tough Traveling link ups made the move.  I can go back and add the code one at a time, and I will, but it will be a slow process because it is BORING.

–The follow us on the sidebar isn’t tough to recreate but it is time consuming.  I am holding off on it for a bit though because of my biggest concern.  Which is..

–Bloglovin, by far the way most people follow the blog, is not picking up my feed.  I have a couple of people who had e-mail subscriptions–guessing that those are gone too.  If anyone has any advice on this let me know, else I will just keep trying to hit the correct Google Keywords to make this happen.

Appreciate the help I found; stick with us because this will be back to normal soon enough.

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