Urban Fantasy Review: ‘Nameless’ by Mercedes M. Yardley

A young girl sees a shadow that no one else does. Luna isn’t crazy; her father knows what Nameless: The Darkness Comes (The Bone Angel Trilogy, #1)she is seeing is real. But being seen as crazy makes for a lonely life, and when the ‘crazy’ father commits suicide her ostracized spot in society is cemented for good. Armed with quick wits and a smart mouth Luna has put up with seeing demons her whole life. But when these spectral beings start messing with family? It is time for Luna to put the hammer down.

Yardley is showing me that she has the ability to show us something new in what should be a tired old story. My first taste of her wonderfully messed up style was Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu, a fun little road trip love story…involving two serial killers. Now I read Nameless and see a trite tale of rescuing a kidnap victim. But it feels fresh, and not just because of the whole talking to demons aspect. No it is stronger than its foundation because I actually believe in Luna’s love for her young niece throughout the story. Plus I may still be singing Let it Go on a regular basis; woman taking her own initiative to save another woman character still rings awesome.

Oh hell that last paragraph may be a bit spoilerific but I really can’t pretend to care. Because if there is a weakness to this story it is how telegraphed the first half was. Look, all I am saying is if you didn’t realize that the niece was going to be kidnapped by something tied to demons and Luna was going to have to save the day then you have never watched a cop drama. But that is OK, there is nothing wrong with following a familiar path when you keep it fun.

How this book remains fun is something of a mystery. It deals with big nasties in the dark, hell houses complete with creepy kids and hanging ghosts, accusations of mental issues and a decent amount of drug use. But a wonderfully snarky main character combined with an almost as good lackey of the devil (well, I assume they are hell’s demons) who gives as good as he gets; and provides something of an odd couple relationship with our favorite person who yells at the sky.

Nameless is fun and funny despite dealing with some serious stuff. I enjoyed it quite a bit. But I can’t go to crazy in my praise. It was strong, and much more up my alley than the serial killer love story I had read earlier, but this isn’t a book that will stay with me. As mentioned before it was fairly predictable. With its tight focus on Luna I found almost every other character faded completely into the background; fine if that is the intent but I feel I was supposed to care about or feel hatred for some of them. And the final confrontation seemed to me to rely on a criminally stupid set of choices made by the big evil.

3 Stars

Copy for review provided by publicist.


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