A Sadder Note

Soma 2003-2014

Soma 2003-2014

In 2004 I fell in love with a shelter dog I had no business getting.  In college and having just quit a job we were at the shelter to find a dog for my roommate.  But this red dog with split colored eyes immediately made me fall in love.  Soma came home with me and has been my companion ever since.

She was wild.  Quite literally nobody but me liked her.  She went a hundred miles an hour, licked everyone she saw, and never sat down.  Worse yet about a year after getting her my roommates’ dog and her started fighting.  For two years we had to keep the two separated so poor Soma didn’t have to get anymore stitches.  Here we were; two loners without a pack.

Of course our pack eventually grew.  My wife displaced her as alpha eventually, but one of her proudest early moments was when a vet tech referred to her as Soma’s ‘Mom.’  Acceptance into the circle and all that.  Soma calmed down slowly.  My son came into the world and Soma was a dream despite some early fears.  She let him throw her toys, took treats from his hand as tenderly as possible, and put up with a lot of little boy bullshit.

Unfortunately things turned rather quickly. Full details are unnecessary but I had to make the hardest decision of my life today and it hurts beyond words.  Fortunately I have at least one way to work through these feelings.

So I set apart this little post, a small corner of the internet where Soma can live on.  Blogging be a community thing people can stop by or back out slowly as they please.  But this was something I had to do for myself.

I love you Soma, I hope I gave you a good life.


*This post being entirely personal I am keeping comments closed.*


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