US/Canada Giveaway: ‘Chasers of the Wind’

This week I reviewed Chasers of the Wind, recently released from Tor.  Pehov’s ambitious novel has a little bit of everything; necromancy, war, assassins and exploding corpses.  It has been getting strong reviews around the blogosphere so perhaps you would like to check it out yourself?

Thanks to the good folk at Tor we can make that happen.  Three lucky readers from the US/Canada will win a copy of this fun start to a new series.  Here is the blurb.

Chasers of the Wind (The Cycle of Wind and Sparks, #1)Centuries after the disastrous War of the Necromancers, the Nabatorians, aligned with the evil necromancers of Sdis, mount an invasion of the Empire. Luk, a soldier, and Ga-Nor, a Northern barbarian, are thrown together as they attempt to escape the Nabatorian hordes and find their way back to their comrades.

Gray and Layan are a married couple, master thieves who are hiding out and trying to escape their former gang. They hope to evade the bounty hunters that hound them and retire to a faraway land in peace.

Tia is a powerful dark sorceress and one of The Damned—a group trying to take over the world and using the Nabatorian invasion as a diversion.

Unfortunately, for Gray and Layan, they unwittingly hold the key to a powerful magical weapon that could bring The Damned back to power.

Hounded by the killers on their trail and by the fearsome creatures sent by The Damned, Gray and Layan are aided by Luk and Ga-Nor—and Harold, the hero of The Chronicles of Siala. Realizing what’s at stake they decide that, against all odds, they must stop The Damned.

Chasers of the Wind is the first book in a new series from internationally bestselling author Alexey Pehov.

Interested?  I bet you are.  All you need to do is click the button on the rafflecopter for your chance.  Good luck!

7/21/14 – This giveaway is CLOSED.  Thank you for all the entries.


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