New Feature: Tough Traveling

Tough Traveling jpegEach Thursday, our copy of ‘The Tough Guide to Fantasyland’ in hand, we shall tour the mystical countryside looking for adventure and fun (and tropes) from all over fantasy.

Using the ugliest header the Fantasy Review Barn team could come up with, a new feature starts on Thursday.  Each week I shall be opening up my copy of the brilliant The Tough Guide to Fantasyland by Diana Wynne Jones, picked a topic from it, and making a new list based on the topic at hand.

For those that don’t know The Tough Guide to Fantasyland is a hysterical look at the most common tropes in fantasy, set up as a tourist guidebook in alphabetical order.  It promises a completely tour of fantasyland; how to see the sights and meet the inhabitants.  Each section further proves that no matter how unique something seems it has probably been done before and that is all right.

I don’t know how long this will last, not every entry will be easy to make a list off of.  And though five or ten are the typical numbers of choice for blogosphere lists I make no numerical promises either.  No doubt some entries could go for pages while others will only spark a few ideas.

Why am I doing this?  Glad you asked, I have several reason.

1.  To have fun.  I like making lists.  But sometimes they are hard.  And one of the reasons they are hard is…

2.  I am lazy.  I love making lists, but hate coming up with topics.  I had this idea when I remembered how much I enjoyed TTGtF while reviewing Howl’s Moving Castle.  And I realized I will never have to come up with a list idea, just write the list.

3.  I read less in the summer and want to keep content flowing through the site.  I still have time to write at night; but less down time at work and my desire to play outside cuts my reading almost in half most summers.  Having a weekly feature gives me some guaranteed content.

One last thing; though this is intended as a feature for Fantasy Review Barn I have had it pointed out that it could make a decent meme.  If anyone wants to join me in this endeavor feel free to do so, I will be putting next weeks topic up each week with the current list.  If there is ever interest in this I will put a linky thing down below.

Thursday’s topic –

Ancient Engineering Projects tend to litter the landscape in some parts of the continent.  most of them are quite mysterious, and all of them are made of some substance not known to the present inhabitants, often of a greenish colour, or matte black, though white is not unknown.  They will be gigantic.  Most of them will be pillars that touch the clouds, but ROADS and broken BRIDGES are common too.  It is unknown quite what challenge caused earlier people to make things that were so very large.  Most of them are no use to anyone.

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