Sci-fi Review: ‘Honor’s Knight’ by Rachel Bach

Honor's Knight (Paradox, #2)Due to the magic of pinky swears and twitter promises the opening to this review was written before I had even picked up the book.  Here goes.

Holy fuckballs, this book is awesome!

That’s it.  Promise fulfilled, no mystical curses will rain down on me.  And it is a good thing Rachael Bach wrote another great entry into this series or we would have one awkward and confusing review on our hands my friends.

But of course it is good, because Dev Morris is awesome and the Glorious Fool is going to find her trouble so she can continue to work her awesome mojo.  Still dealing with everything that happened during Fortune’s Pawn has left her a bit of a confused mess though.  She has some memory lapses, finds herself physically repulsed by the cook, and can’t really explain what happened to trash her armor when her partner died.  Lucky for her the generous captain has promised a bit of bonus pay, so a shiny new blade with a little extra UMPH is in the future.

She is going to need it.  She didn’t exactly have an easy ride in the first book but everything is going to eleven this time around.  A much more focused story, thought in fairness it required the heavy setup the first book provided to make it all work.  The series continues to be action packed and I am not sure I could ever tire of seeing Devi in action; blades a flying and guns a shooting.  That suit is awesome even when the adversary is the environment, how enjoyable can reading about getting out of an old abandoned mine be?  (Answer, more than expected).

Being told in the first person this series shines because of Devi’s narration.  I love the confident sarcastic girl that she has remained despite the memory loss.  I actually miss her partner from the first book; arrogant ass that he was.  His constant bravado let Dev show of her own strength more often; her new partner is too goody two shoes to set Devi off.  Oh sure, Dev deserves to have a backup who is confident and can save her likes she saves others, but it takes away a dynamic for me that I missed a bit.

A big part of this series thus far deals with Devi and her relationship with a certain ship cook.  These two were awesome with each other, and strong confident Dev had no problem letting Rupert know exactly what she wanted.  And it worked.  And it was great.  And then the events at the end of Fortunes Pawn ruined everything!  So how did this dynamic work this time around?  Well things can’t ever go back the way they were can they?  Not with what happened.  But physical attraction still can have a strong pull, right?

He let me go before I could tell him to get his claws off me, which was absolutely what I’d been about to say, even though the phrase forming on my tongue had felt more like I’d, glad you’re okay.

And if things ever get back to anything resembling how they were, it is certainly going to be on Devi’s terms, not Rupert’s.

“But,” he said, “I shot you.”

“I shot you first,” I reminded him.

Aaron has proven to me that she adds depth with each new book in a series and this is no exceptions.  Get past the sarcastic narrator and the ‘will they or wont they’ love story, push through the awesome battle armor fueled fight scenes and nasty slave taking reptiles aliens.  All that is wonderful and it can’t be discounted, but what really matters here is I have once again become completely invested in the story that is being told.  There is no one great big bad threat; any thoughts on having one great evil to go after are quickly quashed.  Almost every side has an angle, and Devi doesn’t have an easy choice on who to throw in with.  When one side seems more noble she sees their nasty edges, even the most altruistic action could have devastating effects.

Though I enjoyed Devi alone a bit more in the first book that was dictated by the circumstances she was in; it was easier for her to be carefree ‘get in and shoot them’ when the stakes were not so apparent.  Now she has to keep a more level head, think about the affects it has, and do to the best of her ability was she sees as right.  And while it may take some of the fun out of her, it makes her story a hell of a ride.

I laughed.  I considered crying.  Is the third book out yet?

4 Stars

My review of Fortune’s Pawn

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Review copy received through NetGalley at no charge for review.  All opinions are my own.


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