The 2014 Barneys: Day 11

Best book that renewed my faith in Star Wars, made me feel like a kid again, and gave me hope for the future of my favorite guilty pleasure (damn, do these award titles get longer and longer or what?  I mean, they started short, but lately I think the authors have gone completely off the rails, running long inner monologs until they run out of sp

Yes, I read Star Wars books.  As some of you may or may not know I have promised that I was done reading them a few times but they always come back. Always.  I try so hard but come ON, its friggen Star Wars.  And for about five years I have read one horrible book after another because I am addicted to the story.

So all I want to do is say THANK YOU to Martha Wells.  She gave me a Star Wars book that was actually enjoyable.  Didn’t know that was still possible, but it gives me hope.  A New Hope, that is. (YES HE NAILED IT, perfect timing Nathan, high five)!

Shortest award yet?  Ya, but there was only one nominee and that made it easier.

So enjoy your Barney Award Martha Wells, these are highly coveted items.  And may the force be with you (and Daniel Abraham, who you set the bar high for in this shared series).


My review of Razor’s Edge


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