The 2014 Barneys: Day 9

The Best appearance of Grown Men in School Boy Uniforms….

The Somnambulist (Domino Men, #1)I know, I know, this book seems custom made for the boys of AC/DC to win.  And any other year they would have.  But the fact of the matter is I have not in fact read any books featuring or including the boys from AC/DC.  But we got a trophy for this award; we have to find a winner.  Dig deep Nathan, the integrity of the whole process depends on you.

Well look at that, we have a nominee.  This year I read a nice little book by Jonathan Barnes, The Somnambulist.  It was a strange little tale full of red herrings and McGuffins, interesting people, mysteries a plenty (most of which were never answered).  A nice mix of weird, mystery, and meyhem.  I loved it, but its unique style doesn’t make it for everyone.

But the most important thing about the book for our purpose is the inclusion of The Prefects, a duo of supernatural forces of nature that appear as grown men in their school boy outfits.  They are delightful nasty; finishing each other’s sentences, taking their payment in horrible ways, and delighting in the terror they cause.

Hmm, looks like we have a winner by default.  Unless Angus Young makes a late run for the award in the next few moments?  No?  Ok Mr. Barnes, looks like it is yours.  Congratulations, your very own Barney Award!

My review of The Somnambulist.


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