The 2014 Barneys: Day 5

The Barney for Best Hidden Vampire Tale goes to…

The Killing Moon by N.K. JemisinThe Killing Moon (Dreamblood, #1)

I refuse to read vampire books.  Know what I mean?   Is there anything worse for a high brow critic such as myself than the crass, popular entertainment that vampire tales provide?  HA!  May be good enough for the masses, but not the likes of me.  (Harrumph, harrumph).

So I pride myself on reading a better sort of fantasy; secondary worlds the differ from the norm, completely unique characters, and the use of lots of large terms that may or may not require a dictionary.  Again, absolutely no vampires allowed.  (Huh?  What about Carpe Jugulum?  It’s a Pratchett book.  Um, no, don’t remember vampires in it, can we move along?)  Ahem, sorry about that.

So I have a major bone to pick with N.K. Jemisin.  Because she tricked me in a major way.  I read The Killing Moon.  I loved The Killing Moon.  I even rated it five stars, something I am not known for being real generous with.  And right there, right there hiding in plain sight, is a damned vampire tale!  I almost missed it. But the Gatherers are government sponsored, Goddess blessed vampires; stealing ‘dream blood’ (how could I miss this clue!) that they gradual become addicted to.  They end up craving dreamblood, if that isn’t a vampire I am not sure what it is.

So now my world is upside down.  If I like vampire tales what else do I like?  Perhaps salmon flavored candy?  Broccoli bread?  Root canals without anesthesia?  I just don’t know any more.  Pass me another vampire book, I guess anything is possible.


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