The 2013 Barney Awards

The time has come again for the most irrelevant awards in the blogosphere, The Barneys!  Twelve days of completely unasked for, completely unappreciated, coveted by absolutely no one awards in which Pauline and I go through the books we read and highlight a few that stand out.  Rather than the typical best of list we prefer to do it our own way.  Expect silliness.

You may laugh, you most certainly will cry (especially if you read my posts and care a lick about grammar), you will stay for the popcorn (bring your own popcorn).  If all goes right, you will have fun.

Starts tomorrow, then one a day from there.  Can’t wait that long?  Check out last year’s Barney Awards!

Enjoy!  Oh, and I will try to keep up with linking them below.

(Only Pauline and Nathan will be posting awards.  Anachronist is doing a Paranormal Parody for the holiday season on her site).

Day 1 – Best inclusion of phrenology in a book.

Day 2 – Most totally unredeemable, raping, pillaging, blowing thing up and killing things main character.

Day 3 – Best Barbarian Warrior not named Logan Ninefingers, etc etc.

Day 4 – Best Piking use of Creative Swearing in an Epic Fantasy

Day 5 – Best Hidden Vampire Tale

Day 6 – Best Main Character Equipped With Claws, Fangs or Wings That isn’t a Dragon

Day 7 – Best Faustian Tale

Day 8 – Hottest and Most Drool-Worthy Male Love Interest

Day 9 – Best Appearance of Grown Men in School Boy Uniforms

Day 10- Most Scary Created World

Day 11 – Best book to renew my faith in Star Wars

Day 12- Best deployment of a time machine.


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