Nathan’s A-Z Bookish Survey

I saw this the other day floating around the blogosphere and it has taken me forever to finish it, but it was pretty fun.  One question per letter.  I notice Pauline has already done it as well.

AUTHOR YOU’VE READ THE MOST BOOKS FROM: Should be obvious to everyone who knows me at all, but Terry Pratchett by a long shot.

BEST SEQUEL EVER: Let’s go with A Storm of Swords.  Best book of the series thus far is the middle one.

CURRENTLY READING:  ‘The Heresy Within’ by Rob J Hayes

DRINK OF CHOICE WHILE READING:  Ice cold Cola of any sort.  If I drink other favored drinks I just count reading out for the night.

E-READER OR PHYSICAL BOOK:  I am slowly converting to the e-reader crowd.  It is just so much more comfortable in almost every situation.  Unless I can actually sit with my legs up and have zero distractions, in which case give me my paper copy and I am in heaven.

DATED IN HIGH SCHOOL:  I doubt I would have any better luck with the fictional characters than I did with real life girls in high school.  Shy and awkward didn’t really go away until college.

GLAD YOU GAVE THIS BOOK A CHANCE:  I put off Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell for a long time despite hearing great things.  Thought it looked kind of dry.  Was very wrong, and all the buzz was right.  Loved the book.

HIDDEN GEM BOOK: Going to go with The Scar by Sergey and Marina Dyachenko.  Looking back I should have probably rated it even higher than I did, it has really stuck with me.

Early one for me.  My dad was reading a chapter or two of Tom Sawyer to me each night.  I got tired of waiting and finished the book on my own one summer day.  Realized then I was the type of person who could sit and read for hours at a time if there are no distractions.

JUST FINISHED: A short novela called ‘Flash Gold’ by blog favorite Lindsey Buroker.

KIND OF BOOKS YOU WON’T READ:  I will try most anything once, but thus far I have avoided anything labeled purely as Romance.

LONGEST BOOK I’VE READ:  I spent a summer of high school in Oklahoma putting fences up on a farm (only to have a 100 year flood take them all down at the end of the summer).  The only books in the house were Louis L’amour westerns (which I read) and an eleven hundred page epic called Maia by Richard Adams.  I don’t have fond memories of it, but wasn’t into fantasy at the time.  I wonder how it would hold up, and have meant to get back to it for a while. Someday…

MAJOR BOOK HANGOVER BECAUSE OF:  I enjoy humorous books, and forgive weaker plots in them, but the third Christopher Moore vampire book has put me off the author for the time being.  That cow has been milked dry man.

NUMBER OF BOOKCASES YOU OWN:  Seven between the wife and I.  My fiction fills about four of them. 

ONE BOOK YOU HAVE READ MULTIPLE TIMES:  Almost any book makes this list, especially before blogging I was a major rereader.  If I had to guess which title I have read the most not written by Terry Pratchett I would guess maybe one of the Pern books?  I read them over and over in junior high and high school, so it would be a good guess.

My chair in the bedroom by the window (pictured at the top of the page).  Although I don’t get to use it much.

QUOTE THAT INSPIRES/GIVES THE FEELS:  I have used this one on various forums for a while.
“…I ask, Why should innocence answer to the world?  Perhaps the world should answer to innocence…” -R. Scott Bakker, The Warrior-Prophet

SERIES YOU STARTED AND NEED TO FINISH:  Oh geez.  I suppose the most obvious would be Kameron Hurley’s Bel Dame series.  Why I have not bought the third one yet is beyond me.

THREE OF YOUR ALL TIME FAVOURITE BOOKS:  Small Gods, American Gods, and Devices and Desires.  Pratchett, Gaiman, and KJ Parker.  I stuck with fantasy or else it would have taken me weeks to decide.

UNAPOLOGETIC FAN BOY FOR:  Pratchett, Gaiman, and I will still defend Anne McCaffrey for all time.

VERY EXCITED FOR THIS RELEASE:  UK already has it, but in March us U.S. Americans finally get Iron Jackal by Chris Wooding.

WORST BOOKISH HABIT:  Stockpiling books.  Read one before grabbing another Nathan!

X MARKS THE SPOT: START AT TOP LEFT AND PICK THE 27TH BOOK ON YOUR SHELF:  ‘The Difference Engine.’  Which I won several years ago and still have not read.

YOUR LATEST BOOK PURCHASE:  The Merchant of Souls by Anne Lyle.  And I liked it.

ZZZ-SNATCHER BOOK:  Chris Wooding’s Kitty Jay series is the one that I am almost obsessed with reading through in one go, even if it means going into the night..  I think I read the first book in two sittings and the second only a few as well.  Time was I could read books in one sitting, but those days are long gone.


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