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Fantasy Review: ‘The Tainted City’ by Courtney Schafer

Oh boy, finally a book that allows me to use up all the reviewer clichés in one go!  You don’t know how long I have waited for this.  Stop the printing; I am sure the next round of paperbacks is … Continue reading

Fantasy Review: ‘Ritual of the Stones’ by Rob Donovan

I love the premise here: every twelve years twelve people are chosen for a ritual; they wake one morning to find a coloured stone beside them, or under their pillow. They then have to travel to the capital, throw their … Continue reading

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Up In The Loft – Books In Storage For Now

Less than a year ago when this blog began I put in a submissions page because that how it is done.  I don’t think we had big lofty goals for the blog, we wanted to watch numbers grow but never … Continue reading

Sci-Fi Review: ‘Hollow World by Michael J Sullivan

This is a break away from fantasy for the author, but not very far. It’s technically science fiction – a guy builds a time machine in his Detroit garage, and after a diagnosis of terminal cancer he decides he has … Continue reading

Streampunk Review: ‘Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl’ by David Barnett

Steampunk adventure!  This book was like reading a blockbuster movie, and it was a whole lot of fun.  Like most blockbusters that come up in the summer months you have to prepare for some conveniences, assume all the characters will … Continue reading

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Fantasy Review: ‘Emperor of Thorns’ by Mark Lawrence

It’s a strange thing, but I had ‘Prince of Thorns’ sitting on my Kindle for a full year before I got round to reading it. I’d read the reviews, I knew something of what it was about, I knew it … Continue reading

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Fantasy Review: ‘Cold Fire’ by Kate Elliott

Another infuriating entry in the Spiritwalker Trilogy.  How can a book do some things so damn good, and make a complete mess out of others?  I was going to finish off the book, then be done with the series despite … Continue reading

Fantasy Review: ‘The Alchemist of Souls’ by Anne Lyle

If I just throw out my random thoughts about this book could someone do all the work and put it into a cohesive review?  Because I have honestly tried three times, and have deleted everything I wrote each time.  So … Continue reading

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Fantasy Review: ‘King of Thorns’ by Mark Lawrence

Nathan’s review [23rd December 2012]: While I try to keep them at a minimum, this review may contain some spoilers to ‘Prince of Thorns.’ What a difference fifty pages makes.  I had almost put the sequel to ‘Prince of Thorn’ … Continue reading

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DNF: ‘The Emperor’s Knife’ by Mazarkis Williams

I see the issue with my ranking system here.  ‘The Emperor’s Knife’ is not a one star book.  There is too much good in it.  Highly ambitious, fairly unique, and with some fairly strong writing in the early going.  But … Continue reading

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