DNF: ‘Green Light Delivery’ by Anne E. Johnson

Book Abandoned

Stopping Point: 25%

Reason for abandonment: The book flat out wasn’t working for me.

Aliens in name only; despite describing how different they all looked the aliens were completely human, right down to using English acronyms like SOB when cussing. 

The plot was very disjointed; the main character was bounced all over the place and escaped from the most inept captives possible a couple of times.

Main character was unlikeable; he was either lusting after every female in the book or near tears crying about his unfortunate new circumstances. 

Reason others may enjoy it more: Quirky set up, intriguing start, very light weight and fast moving.

Sorry for such a quick review, but I have no more time to give this book.  A rare book that truly was doing nothing for me.

Review copy received from NetGalley

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